Facing Problems in Life?

Are You Considering of Consulting a Life Coach / Counsellor/Therapist?

Are you facing Problems?


Stress @ Work?

I help you to Identify, Understand Your Stress at Work , Resolve Effectively to optimum Functioning in Day to Day Living, through Counselling & Therapeutic Methodologies.


Problems @ Personal Level?

If you are feeling Low / Disappointed / Depressed / Going through Life Challenge/ a Crisis Situation / Wanting to take Major Decisions, but not able to and not Confident / High Anxiety when Addressing a Group or Making a Presentation / You are Mourning the Loss of a Dear One / Anger Issues / Communication Problems .

Personal Counselling / Coaching and Therapy Helps You to Empower Self  Enrich Life.


Problems @ Relationship / Marriage?

You are looking to Revive / Rekindle / Repair Your Marital or Interpersonal Relationships.

You are Going through a Relationship Break Up or a Divorce.

If Your Marriage is an Area of Conflict and You are Looking to Resolve the Conflict.

You are looking for Help to Go through with the Divorce or Separation from Marriage or Relationship for Mental Emotional Well Being & Health.

You are Getting Married / Getting into a Second Marriage or Relationship and You are Feeling Anxiety & Concern.

Then Relationship Counselling/Couple Counselling is for you.

How do I help YOU to help YOURSELF

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Personal Counselling & Therapy

I Give one to one Counselling to Individuals , Integrating Different Modalities of Counselling, Therapy with Individualized approach for Personal Problems, Work Related Issues or Stress.

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Relationship Counselling

I help you to Revive / Rekindle / Repair your Relationship, Marriage, Resolve Conflict, Reconcile with Break Ups and Divorce Situations, Restore Harmony /  Balance in Relationship, with Your Own Self as well as in the Interpersonal Relationship be it Marriage / Couple Relationship / Family Relationship / Friendship.

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Oracle Guidance & Tarot Counselling

I also Give Spiritual Guidance through Oracle and Tarot Reading Along with Counselling for Your Life Situations in the Personal / Work / Relationship aspect of Life.

You Gain Significant Insight into the Situation, Guidance of Direction, Choice, Action One Needs to Take in the Given Situation.

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Namastey Life Inner Circle

This is a Closed Group Virtual Community Aim to Bring About Awareness on Emotional Mental Well Being , Enhance Social Flexibility , Build Empathy Towards Self and One Another Through Sharing & Caring in Group Interactive Sessions and Interesting Activities at Regular Intervals.

“You and your Life is Very Precious and a Priority for Yourself.It is humane and Natural for Any One of Us at Certain Phases , Situations , in Our Life Journey Feel Stressed / Get Confused / Be Anxious / Heart Broken / Depressed / Feel Lost / Hopeless / Helpless / Challenged. We may feel Stuck and Indecisive. You are Not Alone. It is no Stupidity to Prioritize, No Shame to Go for Professional Help & Guidance. Restore, Maintain Emotional / Mental well Being. Healthy Mind is a Precedent to Healthy Body. Empower Self Enrich Life for Peaceful Harmonious Living. Success you Desire & Deserve is Sure to Follow.
Take Your Step”

Dr.Vani Swami

Lori Bryson
Dr vani

About Dr. Vani Swami

Dr.Vani Swami is a Senior Level Experienced ( 22 Years ++) Professional in the Field of Emotional Well-Being, Psychological Counselling, and Spiritual Guidance. She has evolved from her Journey as a Successful Homoeopathic Consultant to a Senior Psychological Counsellor and  Therapist by Choice.

Her Other Credentials Include a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling ( PGDPC), Marriage & Family Counselling Diploma ( NHCI Singapore) , Advanced Diploma in REBT Model of Counselling & Therapy. Dr.Vani Swami  also has undergone Advanced Training in InnerChild Regression therapy. She is also an internationally Certified Workshop Facilitator.

Dr .Vani Swami is the founder of ‘Namastey Life Inner Circle’ with moto of ‘Empower Self Enrich Life’. This is a project group through which she wishes to Connect, Inspire, Enlighten the Hearts of people by the Concept of Sharing & Caring.

Happy Clients

Our  Clients have poured their positive words abundantly. We are very happy about it.

Happy Clients

Our  Clients have poured their positive words abundantly. We are very happy about it.

I was lucky to connect to Dr.Vani . My relationships have improved quite a lot and I am really thankful to her
Sandhya Garg
My family life was suffering due to repeated conflicts with my children. Now I have learned to manage them very well. Thank You Dr.Vani
Sreedevi Panikkar
It was extremely stressful at work as my career was stuck. Dr.Vani could help me to realize my potential and I am able to solve most of my problems.
Pramod Sharma