About Dr.Vani

I am a Relationship Counsellor, Life Guide and Tarot Counsellor

Dr.Vani Swami is an amazing professional with a profound experience of over 25 years in the field of homeopathic Consultation, psychological Counselling & Tarot Guidance. Dr. Vani Swami has helped thousands of people in addressing various life-related problems and health problems. Her unique methodologies have contributed immensely to the transformation of the lives of people. Over decades Dr.Vani Swami has become a true partner in progress for many individuals and families.  Appointments are Given both On-Line as well as Off-Line. 

I am available for

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Personal Counselling & Therapy

I Give one to one Counselling to Individuals , Integrating Different Modalities of Counselling, Therapy with Individualized approach for Personal Problems, Work Related Issues or Stress.

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Marriage/Relationship Counselling

I help you to Revive / Rekindle / Repair your Relationship, Marriage, Resolve Conflict, Reconcile with Breake Ups and Divorce Situations Restore Harmony /  Balance in Relationship with Your Own Self as well as in the Interpersonal Relationship be it Marriage / Couple Relationship / Family Relatioship / Friendship.

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Oracle Guidance & Tarot Counselling

I also Give Spiritual Guidance through Oracle and Tarot Reading Along with Counselling for Your Life Situations in the Personal / Work / Relationship aspect of Life.

You Gain Significant Insights into the Situation , Guidance of Direction , Choice , Action One Needs to Take in the Given Situation.