Tarot & Oracle Guidance

Tarot and Oracle is a spiritual guidance tool of a set of cards with a pictorial representation of the energy each card signifies. It is used to get insight, guidance into a life situation, and make the helpful appropriate decision when in confusion or doubt. It also helps the client to find reasons, and solutions that one is unaware or unknown in a given situation, which keeps them stuck or clueless to move forward. Through tarot  and oracle guidance and counseling, the client is facilitated to take self-responsibility make responsible choices take appropriate action in the present, thus navigating their life situation with clarity, confidence, and responsibility.

Who is this  for?

  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Children
  • Senior Citizens
  • Families
  • Parents
  • Students

What is in this For?

  • As reference Point
  • While Taking Important Decisions.
  • Channelizing Positivity
  • When Options are More
  • Resolving Internal Conflicts
  • Finding an Answer
  • Higher Guidance
  • Career Change
  • Buying a Property
  • Starting New Venture
  • Planning of Relocation
  • Marriage

Clients Reviews

Our  Clients have poured their positive words abundantly. We are very happy about it.

I was lucky to connect to Dr.Vani . My relationships have improved quite a lot and I am really thankful to her
My family life was suffering due to repeated conflicts with my children. Now I have learned to manage them very well. Thank You Dr.Vani
Sreedevi Panikkar
It was extremely stressful at work as my career was stuck. Dr.Vani could help me to realize my potential and I am able to solve most of my problems.
Pramod Sharma